Lavender Bay

Architecture Saville Isaacs worked with Saltwater Joinery to realise the design of the dramatic joinery for two houses at Lavender Bay.

Together with the interior designer client (Lavender Bay Interiors), we selected Saltwater based on their previous meticulous work for us and their ability to work closely with us to create unique joinery items, incorporating innovative detailing and materials. Saltwater more than lived up to our expectations, working closely with us to resolve and execute the precisely detailed joinery elements, which included wall linings, integrated services and air-conditioning units, as well as brass detailing and custom brass elements.

We enjoy working with Brendan and his team due to their dedication to achieving high-end results as well as working as a team to create unique and innovative joinery items that are outside the conventional. We nominate Saltwater for all our projects and would highly recommend them.

Steven Isaacs (founder and director)
Architecture Saville Isaacs